Every good home based business online today also has a blog as part of their marketing strategy. The value of having a blog is well understood by the majority of business owners, the problem is that many of them  have no idea on how to blog, or they do not have enough time or interest in doing it.

Isn’t this a great opportunity for someone like you to jump on the band wagon and start your own business by offering your services to blog for them.

Here are a couple of ideas on how you could do this either part or full time as a home based business.

1.  If you enjoy writing articles you could become a blog writer and write articles for these blog owners. There are probably millions of blogs that are sitting dormant at the moment, because the owner doesn’t have the interest or simply does not have enough time to keep it up to date.

There are probably thousands of blog owners who would be only too happy to pay a few dollars per article to a good quality blog writer, if they could find one to work with.

Although it is not that difficult to find a good blog writer, the majority of blog owners don’t even look. Become proactive and contact these people and offer to write articles for their blogs.

To find these people you could start off by searching on Google for any keyword phrase in a niche that you fancy writing about. As an example lets say you are interested in writing articles on personal development. You would then search in Google for blogs dealing with that subject.

You could then email all of these blog owners and offer your services and keep doing it until you have some customers to write for. Start off by offering to write a free article for them, so that they can check out the quality of your work. I am sure that you will soon learn that finding and keeping blogs to write for is not difficult at all.

2.  As you become busier you might find that hiring other blog writers would be good business move for you. There are many good writers out there who have no idea of how to market themselves. Once you find them,
And the best places to look are probably in marketing discussion forums; you can keep them busy writing articles for you.

All you will need to do is price the articles so that you are making a few dollars per article for yourself. You only need a few good writers and you will be able to make a very good income for yourself.  With about 50 blogs and a few good writers, your success will be guaranteed as there will be continuous repeat business and you will have a great income producing home based blogging business.

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