Working from home on a legitimate online business is the ideal way to make money but there are a lot of distractions and this type of environment can sometimes be very frustrating when you need to be productive.

There are phone calls, television the children and friends who think that because you are at home they can pop in at any time. It really is not important whether your online home business involves selling physical or digital products or if you are offering some kind of coaching service, these constant distractions can really hurt your productivity and ultimately your chance of having a successful online home business.

Added to this is the possibility that because you are working from home it is easy to forget that you need to spend time with your family and have some social life as well. Luckily though there are some ways that can make your working life at home easier and allow the free time that is so necessary.

1.  Right from the start it is important for you to set boundaries if you want to make your work from home experience possible. Let your family and friends know up front that when you are in your office you are at work and they cannot disturb you unless there is an absolute crisis that needs your urgent attention. Wherever you decide to set up your office even if it is just a corner in the living room, they must understand that this area is out of bounds unless they are invited in by you.

2.  Make sure when you set your boundaries that they are in line with your priorities. If your main aim on weekends is to spend family time then let your family know this and tell them that this is their time while office time is for work.

3. Another point to remember is to let anyone in your household know if for example you will be having a meeting with a client in your office as your family needs to understand that certain ground rules will apply when these situations arise.

4. It is important that you make your office area as comfortable and pleasant as you can. Lets face it you are going to spend a great deal of time there and if you are not happy in your working situation you will finish up spreading yourself and your work all around the house. A good way to make your office a better place to be is to get rid of unnecessary objects that take up space and add to general clutter. A clean and spacious area is far more conducive to being productive and energized.

If your business is online based then papers and files become virtually unnecessary so dispense with big filing cabinets and things that take up a lot of room but are no longer needed, all they do is add to the clutter.

These are just a few ideas to help you get set up and make your legitimate  online home business conditions easier. By ensuring that your office situation is pleasant and comfortable and that everyone knows the boundaries for the times when you are working you will find that being your own boss and working from home is the best job in the world.

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