There are so many scams online; it can be hard to find legitimate business opportunities.  There are some opportunities that will help you to make extra income, or possibly replace your current income entirely.

One of the most appealing factors of working online is all that is needed is a computer and internet connection.  This can get you started very quickly and you can get to work right away.  Many of the best opportunities out there will provide you with everything you need. 

You want to look at the track record of any business opportunity that is presented to you.  This can show you if the business has a reputation that is longstanding.  If there are numerous complaints this could possibly be a scam or a business that will lead you nowhere. 

The profitability of the company is something that can show you how successful any home based business can be.  If a business is losing money, or the people involved are complaining about not making money, you might not make any money with this opportunity either.  

Some money for initial investment should be expected.  This is something that many people are not prepared for, but if you can save up some money for an investment, it can help you to get this new business up and running.  

Legitimate business opportunities can help you to find a new way to make money.  Finding the right ones can be challenging, but there are a few things you can look for to make this an easier task.

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