Do you have a squeeze page set up for your online home based business? An important aspect of any online business is driving traffic to your website and even more important is building an email list. This is where a squeeze page becomes essential and although having a good template with which to build it is necessary, what you actually put on it is the most important part.

If you are not sure exactly what a squeeze page is, it is just a page of your website where the only reason for its existence is to get people to subscribe to your email list. In fact the only things that you need on that page is some information about the product you are promoting a freebie with some value to entice them and an opt-in form where they can fill in their name and email address. There are no links, ads or anything, they can either subscribe to your email list or leave.

In case you are worried about the fact that your page has just a little bit of information and the opportunity to join your email list on it and this may cause a lot of people to leave, the truth of the matter is that 98% of your visitors will leave in any case, so your goal is to make the path as simple as possible for them to either opt-in to your list or go. Unnecessary distractions may cause some people who would normally have signed up to leave without doing so.

The reason for getting visitors to subscribe is so that you can build up a relationship of trust with them because people will invariably buy things from someone they feel that they know and trust. Having an email list provides you with this opportunity and gives you the chance to sell products to them on an ongoing basis.

Here are some tips for you to follow to get the best results from your squeeze page template.

1.  You need some space for a strong eye-catching headline.
As the purpose of your squeeze page is to get people to subscribe to your email list, everything on your squeeze page should be there to encourage this result.  Typically you will find that most squeeze pages will offer a report on the product you are promoting and the headline should make them want to get their hands on that information.

2.  Give your visitors the information they want in bullet points and avoid unnecessary clutter by keeping the information concise and to the point. Let them know exactly what your free offer entails to make them want it even more, but don’t give out too much information as then there will be no need for them to opt-in.

3.  Allow some space on the template for a video if you want to add one as this is also quite important. Videos are an excellent method of getting people to join your list.

4.  An opt-in form that ties in with your auto-responder so that when anyone wants to subscribe to your list they can do so effortlessly and they can begin getting emails from you geared towards building a relationship with them. Do this first before you start bombarding them with products to sell them, especially if you plan on having a successful online home based business.

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