Creating content for your website or blog that goes unread will not get you any good results, and because there are just so many distractions online, you must ensure that your content gets noticed. So how can you do this to get great results for your best online income business?

The only way is to create amazing headlines that attract an audience and draw them in. There have been various strategies use by internet marketers over the years, but when you look at it closely you will see that all the successful headlines have the same characteristics.                    

Begin the process of creating headlines by first learning why they are so important. Ultimately the benefits of action attraction headlines will come down to two things – more readers and more back-links. It can be very long and boring to build links to your best online income business content, and this means that you should do whatever you can to make the task easier. Just having a great headline on its own can get people to link back to your content and what is even better about these links is that they will be within their own posts and articles, which gives you even more credibility not only in your chosen niche but also with the search engines. The second benefit is the extra readers that visit your site.

So here are 3 basic headline structures that have shown themselves to be effective no matter what topic or niche you are writing in;

1.  Create a Statement that Makes Them Curious
The purpose of following this strategy is to make a single statement that will get your reader curious, and this is usually best accomplished by pairing 2 two things, that don’t normally go together. You will find this strategy constantly being used in online marketing for example “Unemployed High School Dropout Makes $25000 in 30 Days”. In actual fact this headline is not really telling you anything, there is nothing in there to let you know how it was achieved, all it gives you is the end result. This is really just a factual statement and nothing else. These headlines are also extremely popular in the health niche, but can be equally effective anywhere.

2.  The second strategy chooses a subject and then follows it with a hype statement. In the majority of cases the headline starts off with the subject first and then this is separated from the hype with a dash or a colon, “Magic Shake Formula – Lose ten pounds in seven days”. By starting off with the product you are telling your readers up front exactly what is being promoted. Then the hype gives them the conclusion.

The good thing about a headline like this is that not only does it bring in more readers, but it also encourages them to read your content all the way through. The majority of people tend to read the first and last paragraph and the just scan the rest. When you give them the beginning and end of the story there is more motivation to read what is written in between.

3.  Third point to keep in mind is that lists are important to any internet marketer, and this is unlikely to change any time soon. This headline is usually simple and to the point. The essential tip to remember here is to always use the number (3) rather than spelling it out (three) as the text tends to just blend in, whereas the number will stand out.
It is not a difficult task to create a compelling headline, but it is one that is absolutely critical. As a matter of fact there are copywriters who will tell you that you should spend as much time on your headline as you do on actually writing the article. So to get the best online income business results and make it worthwhile to get your articles read, follow the advice of the copywriters and create your headlines using these formats and mixing it up.

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