If you have a squeeze page that does not convert well you are wasting your time, money and essential resources. A squeeze page that is badly constructed will mean that your legitimate online opportunities will lack the benefit of good conversions and you will have to drive twice as much traffic to your squeeze page before you get enough people signing up to your subscriber list.               

It is difficult enough getting people to your squeeze page, so you need to make sure that once you get them there, you get them onto your subscriber list.

What is amazing is that the fundamentals of setting up a squeeze page are really quite simple, but so many people overlook them completely. If you want a page that converts successfully, then keep these basic steps in mind.

1.  When setting up a squeeze page the key point to focus on is that your squeeze page has one purpose and that is to encourage the person to join your list. There is absolutely no point in someone visiting your page only to be distracted by an advertisement that will move them on to some other website. Your job here is to keep them focused on your message at all times. For this reason you want to have as few external links as you possibly can.

2.  Another thing to remember, in keeping with the simplicity theme is the visual focal point. If you want your visitors to opt-in, they must be able to see the opt-in box clearly without being distracted by hundreds of images, be sure that the opt-in box is placed above the fold and that it stands out. A good way to do this is to leave plenty of white space around the box, and this will draw your visitor’s eye to it in a natural way.

3.  It is important that you give your visitor a reason to opt-in. So many people use squeeze pages or ask for personal information that you will get better results if you offer a gift with some value to your visitor.

This could be anything that can be delivered via email. Some of the more common gifts include things like e-books, reports graphics packages, videos or tutorials. No matter what you offer, just make sure that it is something related to your target market.  If for example you are in the “How to Lose Weight” business, there is no point in offering an e-book
on “Puppy Dog Training”.

The final thing here is that if you want to maximize your conversion rate, don’t ask your visitor for too much information. People who have squeeze pages where they ask for everything such as – name, address, phone number, date of birth etc. This is a sure fire way to send your visitor running. A number of studies have proven that people are not willing to give their personal details away so easily, so the less you ask for, the better your conversion rate will be.

Limit the details you ask for to their first name and email address, and once they join your list it then becomes your responsibility to build a relationship with them and let them get to know more about you so that they can learn to trust you.

Get all of these elements right on your squeeze page and you will find that your conversions will improve enormously. Keep in mind that your squeeze page has one purpose, deliver just the one message and see that your opt-in box is clearly visible and above the fold, and offer a gift of value. If you do all of this you will be far more successful with building your subscriber list.

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