Do you have an organizational chart for your online income business? The majority of internet marketers haven’t even thought about having such a tool as most of them are one-man businesses, but the truth of the matter is that this could be exactly what they need even as a one-man concern and even if it seems to be a waste of time and effort.

Internet marketers generally wear all the hats in their online businesses and so try to do too much, which results in them never accomplishing very much at all. Consider this;

•    The first hat that internet marketers wear is the hat for controlling all the marketing for their business. In fact far more would be accomplished by just learning a few traffic generating methods properly rather than trying to use all sorts of different advertising strategies for your online income business as the chances of failing when doing too many is a certainty.

It might be a good idea to look at your organizational chart at this point and consider adding a bit of outsourcing to your plan. For example you could outsource your article writing or a pay per click campaign.

•    The next hat that is worn is by the sales manager. Are you also the sales manager of your company and in charge of increasing the amount of sales to your business?
What you could maybe do here is to rely a bit more on affiliate managers. Many internet marketers don’t even know who their affiliate managers are for a particular product. These people can be extremely helpful to you in finding the best products to sell and the most profitable ones as well.
•    Who is the customer support staff for your company? Wait is that another hat that you are wearing?  Hiring someone to handle your customer queries and day to day emails will remove a task that is a huge drain on your time and energy and might possibly be some of the best money you can spend on your online business.
These are just three hats that you need to take a closer look at and by having an organizational chart for your online income business your will quickly see where you can hand some of the hats over to outsourcing and which ones will be better worn by yourself. The benefits both to yourself and your business will be well worth the effort.

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