As internet marketers we are all aware of the need to build an email list to create a sustainable online business where we can connect with proven customers. Building a list of buyers is a strategy that has been around longer even than the internet has. The reason for this is because it is so much simpler to convince a person who has previously bought something from you, rather than from a stranger. The beauty of list building is that it gives you the opportunity to develop relationships.

Because email is so popular today it makes connecting with people so easy, and the use of an auto-responder has become common practice. In spite of this there are still many people who are not sure whether the use of a professional auto-responder service is the best means of  communication.

Here are some of the benefits that you will gain by using a professional auto-responder:

The main advantage to making use of an auto-responder is the increase in deliverability. These services spend a great deal of time ensuring that they become well known and popular by offering quality services and they will not allow spam. When you use their services you can benefit from all of that goodwill that they have created and improve your delivery rate enormously. Most of these services will also offer tools that can help you to create a better class of email which will improve your chances of getting your emails into the inbox rather than ending up in the spam bin.

Additionally these professional auto-responder

services will do everything in their power to protect your emailing list. They frequently backup their databases so that if anything does go wrong your entire list of customers will still be accessible. This is extremely important, because let’s face it, what could be worse after all the work you have done to build that list than to wake up one morning and find you have lost the entire thing. Also a good auto-responder service will automatically include basic things like an unsubscribe link and a double opt-in form to be sure that you remain in compliance  with the CanSpam regulations.

The one benefit and the main reason for having an auto-responder service is that you are able to stay in constant contact with your list of subscribers, even when you are too busy to spend any time in emailing them.

By using a professional auto-responder service you are able to create a whole series of pre-written emails, and you can set the times that you want them sent out. This will guarantee that your subscribers will hear from you on a regular basis, and you do not have to email them separately. If you ever have an important message that you need to send to everyone on your list, this message can go out to your whole subscriber list at the same time as it can be done as a broadcast message.

While using a self hosted auto-responder or a public email account is still quite popular and is also a bit cheaper in the short term, using a professional auto-responder service for your online business will in the long run be well worth while. With increased deliver-ability and the benefit of database protection, plus the variety of features these services offer, it will pay for itself over and over again with increased sales and peace of mind.

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