Throughout our lives we learn and grow by following the example of people who have the knowledge and ability to show and teach us how to do the things we would like to be able to do. These people are called mentors, and they play a major role in your success or failure when starting an internet based home business.

When I first became interested in starting an internet marketing business, I began researching the various opportunities available on the internet and there are literally millions and not all of them legitimate internet opportunities. The more I researched the more overwhelmed and unsure I became.

This was when I decided that my best option would be to follow and learn from someone who had done this before me and succeeded at it.

Fortunately I had a friend who had already done this. I joined My Affiliate Power Site as I knew from first hand information that this was a legitimate internet based business, and the great thing was that it comes with a website and 6 money making affiliate programs that are ready to market plus free training. As a complete newbie to internet marketing, this was just what I needed.

In spite on all the above I still felt completely overwhelmed and this was when my mentor (whom had succeeded before me) suggested that I join the Affiliate Power Group. This is a group of five mentors who saw the need for beginners to have further training and guidance.

They are a group of hands on people who are there to guide teach and support you every step of the way to success and this is what a mentor should be there for. Their training and support in phenomenal and the success I have achieved is due to these mentors as without their help the road would have been twice as difficult.

The cost of joining the Affiliate Power GroupĀ  was worth every cent, even though I thought it quite expensive at the time. This was just plain silly of me. If you are thinking of starting an internet based business then having a mentor is
very important and this program is one of the best available.

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