There are a number of business tools that are freely available online for the use of anyone who has an internet based business but it is important that you are aware of the fact that with many of them there is a cost involved. Some of the free online business tools can be extremely useful for example keyword research or project management tools but
there are others that even though you can use them for free will end up costing you in the end.

If your intention is to run a successful online business or any type of internet based home business then you must be aware of what these costs are. So that you understand what these costs are, here is a quick look at a few of the more costly “free” online business tools.

1.  Domain and Website Hosting         

A large selection of services related to the creation and maintenance of an online business website are available for free on the internet, but they carry a cost that can be a disadvantage that can affect your online businesses and your reputation.

You can get a free website or blog for example at sites like or and although these sites can help you with things such as link building they are not always the best choice for your main website. The reason is that the company that hosts these sites can place restrictions on the way you use their website or the type of advertising with which you choose to monetize your site.

This may not really matter in the short term but is can cause a heap of problems over time. Another thing is that if you do eventually get a domain of your own it is possible that you may not be able to redirect your old website to your new one, which means that you will literally have to start the whole website building, traffic getting process for you new online business website from scratch and the original company can shut your site down without any warning. You could wake up one morning and it will be gone.

2.  Auto-Responder Services

The majority of auto-responder services are businesses and will charge for their services, but they are usually pretty affordable. There are some that will still provide a free version and this can be very tempting to use, especially if you are new to internet marketing and your funds are limited.

It is important that you remember that these companies are businesses and in spite of these free services, they still need to make money, so although they are offering you a free service they will usually create an income by placing ads at the top or bottom of every message that you send. Potentially these advertisements could distract your readers
because the offers are not necessarily related to the topic you are talking about in your email or could lead these people away from your business to something that interests them and you have lost them.

Another point to be aware of is that these free services will usually limit the size of your list. It is essential that as on online business owner you have sufficient control over your business assets to allow you to do what you want for the benefit of your business growth.  Although some free business tools will give you this choice you must be aware of the ones that you would be better off paying for. Keep your costs down where you can, but make wise decisions and spend the money where necessary to allow your online business to run more smoothly and without interference if you want to be successful online.

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