If you are trying to build an internet based business on a shoestring one of the easiest methods to use to start generating traffic to your website is with traffic exchanges. It is a great way to get your business into the public eye on a regular basis.

By following the guidelines in this article you can get more benefit for the money spent and from your time spent while surfing for traffic exchange credits.

Most people don’t realize that there are several different ways of using TEs. Although it is usually free to join a traffic exchange and you can earn credits by surfing and viewing other people’s pages, you can do far better by upgrading to a professional account. Firstly by doing this your credit ratio will improve. In other words you will earn more credits every time you surf the traffic exchange and also you will be given quite a large number of credits every month that you continue to maintain your professional status.

You will notice that the majority of traffic exchanges will run special offer campaigns and give away extra credits during this time. They will also make great offers to anyone who upgrades while a special offer is in progress.

Some other traffic exchange owners will run half price or extra credit bonuses especially if they are well established TEs.  Watch out for these special offers and take advantage of them, don’t pay more than necessary if you have not need to.

You can also earn extra credits in some exchanges if you surf a certain number of pages, so when you login to surf make sure that you do the required amount to earn extra credits.

There are several different types of credits that you can earn when surfing. You will get the standard credits for each page that you view and then you will also earn banner ad credits and text ad credits. The best way to benefit from the exchanges is to use the standard credits to promote your own internet based business and the text and banner ads to cross promote the traffic exchanges.

One of the best ways to earn bonus credits is by building a downline, so by recruiting other members into the exchanges, you will earn credits through them whenever they upgrade or surf. Once you have a fair size downline, the need for you to spend time surfing will no longer be necessary as the credits you are earning through others doing the work will generate all the credits that you need.

Traffic exchanges are relatively easy to use, so that even inexperienced marketers can use them and because they are free to join it becomes quite simple to build a downline.

The thing to do is to join several traffic exchanges and promote each of them on other exchanges. You have a highly targeted audience here as the people who will see your ads are the ones who are already surfing and are more than willing to sign up for more TEs.

Because TEs are free to join, even inexperienced marketers can build a downline without too much effort. One of the best ways to do that is to join several traffic exchanges and cross promote each of them on your other exchanges. You can expect a reasonable signup rate because you will be advertising your TEs to a highly targeted audience – people who use traffic exchanges!

However, you do not want to use your standard credits for this publicity campaign. Many TE users are not aware that they receive three types of credits on most exchanges, standard credits, banner ad credits, and text ad credits. Reserve your standard credits for your main offer and use the other type of credits that you receive, such as banner credits and text ad credits to cross promote your TEs.

If you follow the guidelines in this article in no time at all you will build a list that will earn thousands of credits for you without you having to spend hours and hours surfing and your internet based business is being advertised with very low costs.

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