The majority of online business owners are quick to drop any services that do not give results. For example if their website is badly designed or their content creators are not producing the best work they will waste no time in finding someone else to do the work for them.            

For some unexplained reason though, web hosting providers seem to escape this fate. I don’t know if it is just that people feel that the task of moving their website is just too difficult, and therefore hesitate to make the change even when they know that a different web hosting provider would be in their best interests. The question seems to be more about whether the hosting company is doing poorly enough that the change is justified.

There are certain variables that can be looked at when it comes to deciding whether or not to switch from one web hosting service to another and some of these variables are more important than others. The most important issues all tend to fall under the same general areas which are really just “the basics”.

You will usually find the basics of most hosting providers highlighted on their sales page. What this will include are things such as disk space, allowed bandwidth, software compatibility and up-time. If your current web hosting provider is failing to meet any of these requirements then making a switch is of paramount importance, your online business depends on it.

If for any reason your website is down more often than not, then you must make the change. The top web hosting providers will usually offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and this means that your online business website will only ever be down for a few minutes every month for maintenance purposes.

Another reason to consider making the change would be if your web hosting provider is incompatible with key pieces of software. If your present provider is preventing you from making use of tools that can improve your profits, then there is no question that change is essential. It is worth paying a top programmer to move your entire website to a more compatible hosting service and in the end will be well worth the cost as you will end up making more money over time.

If your current web hosting service is unable to meet your basic needs or the monthly hosting rate is too high, then it may be a bit more difficult to make the decision to change. It comes down to a cost – benefit decision. If it will save you money or improve your profits then switching to a new hosting service is worth the move.

What it ultimately comes down to is the difference between the two categories. Firstly you need to consider “the basics”.  If you want to make the swap for a reason that falls into this category then it is a no-brainer. If however, you are looking to switch web hosting providers because of the extras then it can be a bit more difficult to reach a decision. Mainly you need to decide what the best solution will be for your online business in the long term, and if you cannot make up your mind then setting up a small test account with the new provider may help you to make the decision.

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