One aspect that many legitimate online business owners tend to overlook is  the importance of establishing an online customer support system.  Online customer support is more important now than ever before if you want to avoid the possibility of not just losing customers, but also the chance of dissatisfied customers complaining elsewhere on the web about your complete lack of interest in offering decent customer support online. This type of information can rapidly destroy your online credibility which in turn can cost you a lot of time and money to restore the image that you had before.                                                              

So to avoid this kind of dilemma it would be worth your while to create a customer support system.  This could involve adding either a ticket system to your help section or a form that the unhappy customer could fill out online. Whichever method you choose to use, remember that it must be capable of fulfilling the functions of customer support. All it really means is that a customer is able to contact you with a problem and you should be able to send a response within a reasonable amount of time.

Another option to think about is that it may be more practical for you to outsource your online customer support. There are a variety of choices when it comes to customer service systems that can handle all the support you may require, and most of them will charge you based on the total volume or alternatively with a flat fee. Some months may be quite inexpensive but you will get others where the expense increases.

If you find that you are consistently receiving requests for support then it is possible that you may not be offering enough information to begin with. Having a FAQ section available may eliminate many of these customer queries.

You will find at times that many of the customer support queries are not from people who are really interested in the product, but come from people who are just tyre-kickers and are merely trying to get a feel for your business or the product you are selling. A good way to limit the amount of time you would spend dealing with these people is by creating a “barrier to support”.

This does not mean that you should make it unreasonably difficult for anyone to get help, but in a lot of cases when you insist on somebody validating the email address or registering for support this will be enough, because most of these people just want quick and easy answers, Which really means that they are not that interested anyway and are never intended to buy the product in any case.

Most of these people just want quick easy answers and do not care enough to put any effort into finding it out on their own, which in most cases means that they are not that interested in your actual product or service.

With this you can see that by creating an excellent online customer support system will need some attention, however, at the same time it does not have to be all that difficult either. It really is a matter of allocating enough resources so that the system is efficient and most of this can be done by outsourcing. Just make is a system that will effectively restrain the tyre-kickers from wasting your time and allowing you to spend that valuable time with valuable customers who are truly interested in your product or a legitimate online business.


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