From the moment we begin marketing an online business the phrase “The Money is in ‘the List” becomes a constant litany, but it is one that is well worth taking note of. List building is an extremely important part of any online business, but a list can become bloated over time, with subscribers that are no longer responsive or because the email address on your data base is no longer valid or the subscriber has simply lost interest in what you have to offer.

There are a few simple steps that can help you clean up your list so that you can be sure that the emails you send out are actually going to people who want to hear from you. This could not only improve the kind of response you get from your subscribers but it could also save you some money as many of the auto-responder services tend to raise their fees based on the number of contacts you have on your list.

Here are three really easy list management tips that you can use to ensure that your email list is kept as clean as possible.

1. Begin by checking that all the email addresses on your list are active and that the emails you send out are being read or at least delivered. It is amazing how easily people can accidentally misspell their email address when they sign up to your subscriber list, so it is highly likely that your list could contain a number of addresses that have been incorrect right from the beginning. The simplest method of checking this is to just look at the open or click-through rates to learn which email addresses are consistently failing to open your messages over an extended period of time. These email addresses should be deleted.                                                                                    


2. Second step is to check the deliverability. The two main reasons why your email is not getting delivered are that there is a permanent problem which could be an invalid email address or otherwise a temporary problem for example your subscriber may have a full inbox or the email provider’s server is down. Having a consistent number of bounces could be bad for your reputation with some of the internet service providers which may result in your email address being treated as spam, and could mean that your email address gets blocked or automatically being sent to your subscriber’s junk mail folder. When you make it a habit to do a regular clean out of your list, you will avoid this situation from ever arising.

3. Once your email list is clean from a technical point you must then take a look at the remaining members as well. Make it a habit to monitor your feedback loop so that you can identify which people seem to have a better than average amount of interest in the income opportunities you are offering as well as the ones who are continuously complaining. If you have anyone on your email list who does nothing but complain then there is no point in keeping them there. This email list is yours it does not belong to them so if they are not adding anything of value to the discussion then they are nothing more than a headache.

This does not mean that you should automatically get rid of anyone who offers some critism, only those who do nothing but complain. After you have completed these three steps your list should be a lot cleaner and easier to manage and in the end I think that you will find that you are better able to serve your subscriber list as well as save some money.

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