Email marketing if done correctly and consistently will continue to reap great benefits for your online income business. In this article we will discuss a few things that will help you to get more profits for your efforts.

1.  Initially you will need to build a list of your own. You will stand a far better chance of achieving long term success if your email marketing is aimed at your own list rather than someone else’s.

2.  You need to build credibility by developing relationships with the people who subscribe to your list and they need to trust you before you can expect them to pull out their credit cards. This is not difficult to do but it does take consistent effort on your part.

When you give things of value to others for free, you will build credibility and this is a great way to warm a prospect up before you start asking them to buy anything. Relationships are a two way street and people will become more responsive if they feel that they can trust and respect you as a good business source.

3.  For people who don’t have the time or the money to build their own list, purchasing co-registration leads is an excellent way to jumpstart a list. Don’t be afraid to use this method if you need to.

Remember though that these people will initially not know who you are, so you will have to work extra hard to build a trusting relationship with them. The main point to consider here is that even though you are not personally generating these leads, they are opt in leads and good potential prospects for your products.

4.  Make sure that you use a good auto-responder and learn how to maximize your use of it. There are many ways that you can use an auto-responder including sending HTML messages.

Brand yourself and build relationships through your auto-responder. Include photographs of yourself and your products and even the header or logo from your website.

Your email list will become familiar with you and your open rate will increase over time.

All of these things discussed here are reasonably simple to do and will help to get you greater benefits from your online marketing campaigns. Just remember to be consistent and committed to building relationships with your list and you will, over time, develop a very successful online income marketing business.

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