As an online marketer your main concern is how soon you will start making money.  More often than not for someone who is just starting out the temptation is to follow every online income opportunity that comes their way, but without actually following through on any of them.

If this sounds at all familiar you need to examine what you are doing and just how many of these online opportunities you have signed up for without completing any of them.

Unfortunately this is a trend that most of us tend to fall in to, but there is a way out of this and it can be sorted quite easily.

Here are 3 tips that you can use to cut the distractions and start building successful legitimate online businesses:

1.  Unsubscribe!

If you have more opportunities than you can possibly deal with and they are taking up all of your time, then click on the unsubscribe button. Choose no more than 3-4 top sources where you feel you are receiving information that is beneficial to you and get rid of the rest.

What it comes down to is that you will miss out on more and more of the offers that in actual fact you don’t need anyway, and once you have cleared your emails of those unnecessary distractions you will then have more time to focus on what you really need to do.

2.  Concentrate on One Step at a Time – in a Methodical Manner.

Once all those distractions have disappeared from your life, then concentrate on one step at a time and do not move on to the next one until you have mastered the one that you started with.

For example the first step would be to get your website set up. Once that is achieved then you need to move on to SEO (search engine optimization) and then traffic generation. By following this method step by step you will be going in the right direction. There is absolutely no point in starting with number 3 if number one and 2 have not been done, as it will get you nowhere fast. There is no point in being listed on thousands of websites if your website is not set up and ready to make sales.

Make sure that you do the steps required to be successful and do them in a logical and orderly manner, don’t hop from one step to the other in any order, they must follow on if you want your online business to succeed

3.  Once You Have Made a Decision then Follow it through to its Conclusion!

In other words, once you have your website set up and ready for business no matter what type of niche you have decided on, so long as it is something that people are searching for you will have a great chance of success.

So stop chasing all the online income opportunities that come your way, follow your original ideas and you will build successful and lucrative legitimate online businesses.

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