Do you know anyone who runs a successful traditional off-line business who does all their advertising for free? The people who try to do this generally fail within the first year or two. So why should legitimate internet businesses be any different?

What is unbelievable though is that there are a large proportion of internet marketers who actually believe that they can succeed using only free methods of advertising. It should therefore come as no surprise that so many of them fail, especially in the network marketing field.

One way in which legitimate internet businesses could use help with their advertising is by paying someone to do it for you.

In both network and affiliate marketing there are many co-op advertising programs available on the internet and these programs will do all your marketing for you. This is an excellent way of spending your money as you are paying for results without the necessity of going through the whole trial and error stage of trying to find what works.

A lot of these co-op programs are designed to generate leads for a specific online opportunity, but there are also those that will generate prospects or leads on a more generic basis.

If you have ever tried to generate all of the leads yourself then you are well aware of just how much this can cost. Therefore using paid advertising to take care of this aspect of your business makes good sense as it frees your time up for the parts of your internet business that you enjoy doing and are good at.

Consider carefully how paid advertising can benefit your legitimate internet business and help you to build it more effectively. Often you will find that this will be money well spent at is moves your closer to your goals and dreams of success.

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