Running an online marketing business is pretty much a full time job and one of the biggest benefits of working with an outsourcing agency is that they can save you a great deal of time. They are already set up with a group of people who work as outsourcers, people that they have tried and tested and who have proven that they are capable of handling the assignment and also who among the group is available and can complete the task in the time frame that is required.                                                                                         

Another great advantage of working with an outsourcing agency is that you will only have one point of contact to manage all the projects that you choose to outsource. This can make a huge difference in the amount of time that you are likely to spend emailing back and forth when setting the project up, as you will simply need to direct your comments and queries to just one person.

There are also some reasons why you may prefer working with independent freelancers and here are some of them.

The first point is that with an independent freelancer there is no middleman so it could be less expensive. Working through an outsourcing agency you will be paying for the freelancer as well as an agency markup fee. The reason that you have to pay a fee for their services is that they have done all the ground work for you by finding and screening the people you are using to do the required marketing tasks for your online business. It is possible that you could still spend the same amount of money or even more when you outsource directly with a freelancer, but you could be getting a better quality of freelancer for the extra cost, by cutting out the middleman.

When you work directly with an independent freelancer the biggest benefit is that you can speak directly to them and although you may not have a central point of contact as you would if you were working through an agency, you have the advantage of ensuring that there is nothing lost in translation when you ask for particular modifications or changes or when it comes to providing the initial project guidelines.

For the majority of people marketing their businesses online, it will always be necessary for them to outsource certain aspects and tasks. The question that each person needs to ask themselves is whether they would be better off working with an outsourcing agency or if they would be more comfortable working with an independent freelancer.

Both of these options have their own benefits and possible drawbacks and it really is a matter of personal preference. Generally speaking, if you are good at interviewing and you are able to screen each freelancer effectively then saving the extra money that an agency would cost you may be well worth it. If on the other hand you are looking for a more hands free solution for the tasks you want to outsource, then it is worth paying the fee to an outsourcing agency as their service will allow you a lot more freedom and time for other things that you want or need to do for your online business.

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