If you feel that your online income opportunities are not doing as well as you were anticipating then it might be a good idea to take a look at the internet marketing strategy you are currently employing. The best way to improve the results you are getting is to offer more value to your current and future customers.    

The biggest mistake that many internet marketers make is that they see their customers as just another sale. For example if they buy your income opportunity and are not really happy with it, the attitude of “plenty more fish in the sea” is not going to get you very far in life and it is time to change your mindset.

If you think about it, one of the most expensive parts of running an online business is acquiring customers in the first place. Because it is easier to keep one once you have acquired them, wouldn’t it just make much more sense to keep that customer who, if they are happy with what you offer will in all possibility buy from you again.

This is just one reason why keeping your subscriber list and building a relationship with the people on it is so vitally important. People will always buy from people they know and trust if it is at all possible. Having a list of customers who trust you, and believe you have their best interests at heart will remain loyal to you and could end up being your customers for life.

Whether you sell affiliate products or your own products or services, if you follow an internet marketing strategy that adds value to whatever your business is involved in, when people trust you not only will they buy from you themselves, but they will recommend  you to others who will buy from you.

If the main part of your online business involves affiliate marketing, these recommendations can make the difference between people buying through your links or someone else who is selling the same product. When you are selling your own product and you have happy customers this will also be passed on to other prospective buyers and your profits will increase.

PC Barnum was famous for saying ‘there is a fool born every minute” but you would be wise to value your customers and treat them more like friends. If you value your customers then it would be best to forget this mind set and concentrate rather on improving your internet marketing strategy.

By seeing the people on your list and the ones who visit your website as people and not just numbers or names on a list you will find it easier to develop a relationship with them that will last for years and help you build a successful and profitable online business, with customers who will not only buy again and again but will recommend you to others as well.

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