If you have only recently developed a website and want to earn an income as an internet marketer, then your first task will be to begin building an emailing list.

The best method for doing this would be by utilizing both your website and a blog, but unless you become known as an expert in your chosen niche, getting people to subscribe to your list will not serve you well unless you can build a relationship with these subscribers and get them to feel that they can trust you and the advice you give to them.

So how will you do this, especially if you are new to internet marketing and don’t feel that you have the necessary expertise?

One way would be to preload your auto-responder with a selection of pre-written emails that have been written by an expert, or alternatively you could preload a series of PLR articles or reports to send out to your subscribers. Just keep in mind that if this is the method you decide to use, you must choose very high quality product to send out to your emailing list. By doing this you will still be offering your readers valuable information that pertains to their subject of interest, and you will not have to write it yourself.

After this system is set up in your auto-responder, it will automatically send out to your subscriber the series of preloaded newsletters at pre-determined intervals and if they are well written and conform to your niche subject and your primary product on offer, then you will no doubt manage to generate some sales this way.

There are a couple of disadvantages to this method that we need to address here that are quite easy to correct.

•    Always modify the PLR letters or articles that you are sending out to your subscribers as chances are that if you don’t do this they will read the same thing somewhere else, which will immediately reduce the belief in your expertise as an authority in your niche subject.

•    b. The information you are sending out is not always the most up to date, so it is essential that you update it on a fairly regular basis or you run the risk of it becoming stale. Once this happens people will stop reading what you send out to them. Keep in mind that nothing is ever completely automated; there are always little things that one needs to tweak.

This does not mean that you should not use PLR material at all, only that you need to review it a few times during the year and update it as you go along.

If you outsource the pre-written newsletters then it is always a good idea to modify them a little so that they are stamped with your own unique personality.

As an internet marketer you will want to promote your products or services to your subscribers or keep them informed of any changes taking place that could affect their internet based businesses, and a great way to do this is by utilizing the “broadcast” feature that is offered by your auto-responder. This also gives you an added advantage of adding more spontaneity to your email service and giving you the opportunity to build a better relationship with your readers.

Your email subscribers list is one of the most valuable assets to your internet business as you have a list of people to whom you can sell your products or services over and over again, provided you look after them and remember that they are real people and always treat them with respect.

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