If you are new to the internet marketing business and have just got your website set up and ready, you are going to need to market it by driving as much traffic to it as possible if you want to make any sales.

The best way to do this is to get listed on the search engines in a prominent position. The way that you will get listed prominently is by having lots and lots of back-links to your website.

Now you are probably wondering how to get these back-links to your website!

Originally one of the most popular ways was by using reciprocal linking. How this worked was by swapping links with other website owners, in other words, you would add a link on your site to their website in exchange for them doing the same for you.

The problem with this method though, is that people got carried away and were linking with sites that were totally irrelevant to the theme of their website and did not help to improve the experience of their website visitors.

Due to this excessive reciprocal linking Google decided to downgrade the reciprocal links. This does not mean though that all reciprocal links are bad. If you exchange links with a business partner, that link in all likelihood will enhance the quality of both your websites and should not penalize you in any way.

Today one way links are considered far more valuable as they are seen to be given voluntarily by the linking website owner. This doesn’t mean that the website owner is placing all these links himself from his site. A forum or an article marketing directory will allow contributors to place a link back to their website through a signature link or resource box at the foot of an article they have written.

There is another method you can use to increase the back-links to your website, and this is through link baiting. This is an especially attractive strategy as it relies to a large extent on using creativity. If you possibly can, try to inject some humour or personality into your blog posts and articles and get into the habit of bookmarking all your blog posts and website articles.

By doing this there is more likelihood of other bloggers picking up and commenting on your article. Other bloggers are always on the lookout for interesting stuff to comment on and will quite happily link out your story. If your article contains good material other bloggers will debate on it which will increase your back-links. Try to find an insight or something that may be of special interest to others and you will have some powerful link baiting material.

Don’t be afraid to link out to good quality websites. This is what all the really good bloggers do. By linking out, you are making the internet experience far more valuable for your visitors and by giving away links without worrying too much about reciprocity you will in turn attract more links to your own website.

So enjoy the experience, read other peoples blogs and leave your link there. Visit forums and make useful comments and you will start to build the kind of back-links that will generate many visitors to your site in a natural way and build a great internet based business.

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