A big problem for many newbie internet marketers when first venturing into an online home based business is that they are likely to run out of money before their network program starts to generate an income. Many find that it will cost them more in promotion and advertising than they actually make in commissions earned from their new affiliates.

What makes it even more difficult is that the excitement from recruiting a prospect can quickly be destroyed when that person does absolutely nothing and then drops out of the program. Nothing can kill your enthusiasm faster than when your team starts to grow and then suddenly shrinks again.

There are many people who try network marketing but lose interest quickly when they discover that it requires a great deal of hard work, and they usually never get past the first step. In spite of this there are people who successfully build a solid team and earn very good residual incomes from the activity generated from their down-line as well as the money they make from the sales of the products.

Here are a couple of ideas that you can follow to improve your likelihood of becoming part of the successful second group. There are ways to keep your
online home business going until your network marketing program begins to bring in a good income for you.

First thing that you need to know is that it is far easier to recruit affiliates to your network program after you have initiated a sale from them and warmed them up a bit to the idea of network marketing.  So begin the process by first selling them the product and then introduce them to the marketing aspect of the business. This is the basis of a “funded proposal” system.

There are two reasons for this;

•    It will immediately provide you with a bit of income.
•    It gives the prospect some sense of you being a trustworthy person or they really like the product or service that you offer.

There are various forms of the funded proposal system offered today and some of the really clued up internet marketers have actually turned the system into a complete business online. These services generally offer a variety of business building services usually for a monthly fee and in some cases just a one-time fee.

What you will get when you join one of the programs is a standard or “cookie cutter” website to which you can add your own affiliate or network links and then instead of promoting all your products or services individually you can just promote everything through the funded proposal system using one single link or a splash page.

The beauty of this system is that every time anyone clicks on your link, not only will you earn a commission, but all of your products and network programs will be available and your visitor will be encouraged to sing up for them.

Many internet marketers find it far easier to work using a funded proposal system for their internet based home businesses for the simple reason that it gives them far more opportunities to earn income and make sales to a more receptive market.

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