If you are new to internet marketing or have recently started an online based home business I am sure that you have heard from everyone on the internet how important it is to build an opt-in email list. In fact you are probably tired of hearing it already.

Perhaps you are trying to build a list and you feel you are not getting anywhere with it, that it feels like a hopeless task, and you are wondering how necessary it actually is to have an email list of your own.

In this article we are going to discuss a few important points to consider when it comes to building a list.

1.  Firstly in order to get subscribers to opt-in to your list you will need to get quite a lot of traffic to a landing page with a form on it for them to enter their name and email address where they can opt-in to your mailing list.  The majority of people never manage to build a big enough list simply because they don’t get sufficient traffic.

If you really want to make money with a mailing list your main task for your home based business will be to drive targeted traffic to a page where people can subscribe as without sufficient traffic you will not succeed in getting subscribers.

2.  There is a quicker way to build a list and this is by buying co registration leads from a lead list company.  The important thing to remember if you follow this route is that once you have purchased these leads, it will be up to you to build a relationship with these people as people generally like to buy things from someone whom they feel they know and can trust.

The best way to build a relationship is by offering these people something that is of value to them. This can be in the form of useful information that they can benefit from, or a free e-book or report that will help them in some way. Don’t try to sell them anything until you feel that they are able to trust you enough and believe that what you want to sell them will be to their advantage.

Get to know your subscribers as people and not just a name and email address that you can continually bombard with products to sell. By doing this you will be branding yourself and become known on the internet as someone who is trustworthy and helpful.

Another good point about purchasing leads is that your list will continue to grow without you worrying too much about it.

3.  With the help of autoresponders today, there is never an excuse to allow your list to become stagnant. It is a simple task to program a series of emails into your autoresponder and set times when you want the messages to go out. This way you will be consistently following up on your subscribers.

The saying that the money is in the list is absolutely true. If you build a list and work on it consistently you will make money with your online home based business. It won’t happen overnight but as your list grows, so will your income.

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