It is common to become frustrated and over whelmed when you are new to list building or are not having much success. Luckily there are some easy tips that will improve your email list building efforts and add to the size of your email list. Many people tend to get focused on the messages to email and overlook the importance of getting people to sign up in the first place. Remember that no matter how good your email campaign is, it will not work if nobody sees it.                                                                            

Here are some easy changes to make that will improve your opt-in rate dramatically and increase the size of your list.

1.  Ensure that Your List is a Visual Priority
One way to ensure that your list is a priority is to have an opt-in form that is clearly visible and will attract the eye of your website visitor. Having an inconspicuous form that says “sign up here for my internet marketing newsletter” means there is little chance of getting too many sign ups. If email list building is your main concern then it needs to look like a priority to your website visitors and at the very least should be placed above the fold.

2.  Give Your Visitors a Reason to Sign Up
Every online marketer is busy with opt-in list building which means that your visitors have most probably already ignored 10 – 20 different opt-in forms before arriving at yours. To make them actually want to subscribe to your opt-in form you need to give them an offer that they feel then cannot pass up. Make them aware of the benefits they can gain by signing up to your list. You could do this by offering a free report, an e-book or a digital product, whatever you offer must have some value to them if you want good results.

3.  Make Your Newsletter Easy to Share
The best recruiting tool you can have is the subscribers on your email list. Whenever you send them an email or newsletter you must make it easy for them to share with other people and a good way to do this is by having a spot on your website which is dedicated to your newsletter, including previous issues so that your readers can bookmark and share the link with their circle of friends.

4.  Have More Than One Opt-in Form
When you think about it there are many people who have built up sign up blindness and they most probably will not even notice your form above the fold so why not give them another chance to sign up somewhere else as well. You could add another opt-in form at the bottom of each page or even in the footer. It is in fact a good idea to have 2 – 3 opt-in forms at different spots on your website, or even a whole page dedicated to your opt-in box.

5.  Use Networks for Leverage
There are a great many people who are actively involve with social media sites as well as many who use forums and discussion boards, wherever you are active make it a policy to still be directing people towards your opt-in form. If for example you are recommending a new deal on Facebook, ensure that people must opt-in to find out more about it instead of sending them directly to your content. Explain to them that the special deal applies only to your email list and make them aware of the advantages available to them once they sign up.

By following these five tips you will find that your opt-in list building efforts will become easier your subscriber list will grow and you will be less stressed and overwhelmed.

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