Do you have a dream list as well as your list of goals? Irrespective of what your internet based business goals are, you need to have a list of dreams as this is what will really help you to achieve success in your endeavors.

Everyone is motivated by different things and when it comes to building your internet home business whatever your reasons are for starting it in the first place, you should take the time to make a dream list and read it daily.

So today let’s talk about your dreams and what you would like to achieve or experience in your life as these are usually why you started your own home based business.

1.  You could quit your job and work for yourself from home. For me this was a huge one as I always wanted to be my own boss and have the freedom in my life to make my own decisions.

2.  For other people it may be the desire to buy a home or maybe just to buy a holiday home somewhere. Or possibly it would be to travel the world and see new places is a dream for another person.

3. Maybe you have lost your job (a very real possibility in today’s financial climate) and the dream of being able to pay your bills and support your family is what you want. A successful online home business that brings in a regular income will certainly relieve the stress you are feeling.

4.  If you have children who are still dependant on you for support, an extra income even if it is from a part time home business can pay for those activities that kids need, like dancing or soccer lessons.

5.  Do you dream of spending a vacation on a tropical island with palm trees waving in the breeze? An extra income over and above your normal salary, if you could save it would help to pay for this. I once spent 8 days in the Seychelles and on my dream list is a return trip to that paradise.

6.  Investing extra income for your old age so that you can actually enjoy your retirement years is another dream that many people have and it is important. The older you get the more aware of this you become. Or maybe giving more to charitable causes is what you dream about. With extra profits from your internet business these are all very real possibilities.

There are probably plenty of other ideas that you may have for your own dream list besides the ones that I have listed. The main thing is that you develop a dream list and read it daily. You will find tremendous motivation and inspiration by doing this and it will spur you on to build a successful and profitable internet based home business.

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