Your online business website traffic suddenly drops off drastically over a weekend – so now what do you do? This seems to happen to some  websites that for now discernible reason there is a sudden drop of anywhere from 10 – 30%.

Pulling out your hair is not going to help and the best thing you can do is to take some purposeful action to fix the problem. Here are some steps that you can take if your website suddenly has a big traffic drop:

Begin by double checking to make sure that there is nothing outside of your site that could be causing the drop in traffic. One of the most common reasons for this could be a holiday that you did not take into consideration. Remember also that the week leading up to the holiday especially if it falls on a Thursday or Friday will turn it into a long weekend so check your website against competing websites to see if the drop off was general.

If this is not the cause for the drop then what you need to do next is to check if anyone has hacked in to your website. There are a few different tactics that hackers use to siphon your traffic away from your online business website such as slipping in a server page or redirect to some type of malware. They could also be using hidden text or redirect links which they have added to your site without your knowledge. By making use of Google Webmaster tools you will be able to sort these problems out in no time at all.

After checking these possibilities the next step would be to look more closely at your traffic data to see which particular traffic sources may have dried up and what the reason for this could be.

If for example the bulk of your traffic is generated through organic means then check to see which pages are performing the best and look for any new competitors who may be taking some of your traffic away, or if the search engines have made changes to their algorithms again.

Whatever the reason for the drop you need to take steps immediately to rectify situation.

But in the immediate future what do you do? If for any reason it is going to take a while to get the traffic coming back again then you must take another look at your conversion rate. What is important is not the amount of traffic but the number of conversions you are getting from the traffic that you are receiving. Just because you are getting less traffic it does not necessarily follow that you should be making less money.

Treat this setback as a blessing in disguise; we learn more through adversity than any other way.

Start focusing on better ways to convert your visitors in to customers, the worst possible course of action is to sit back and do nothing other than feel sorry for yourself. Identify the problems that are causing your lack of traffic and work on finding solutions to improve the situation and turn your online business website into a strong and viable enterprise.

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