A problem that is common to many legitimate online business owners and
something that makes them unique is their entrepreneurial nature. The
thing that sets entrepreneurs apart from other people is that they are always willing to do things that nobody else has done and are ready to take risks to build a solid business.                                                           

Unfortunately this can lead to them leveraging their assets poorly when it comes to marketing online and information is the asset in this case. Truthfully you can re-purpose your content, every single piece of it that you may have created can be re-purposed to get the most out of it and it can become a profitable asset. Generally it is not so much what you say but how you say it.

People are all different and because of this they absorb information in different ways. There are people who enjoy reading and others who prefer
to watch or listen. Then within each of these differences there are other variables. As an example some people are happy reading one long detailed report while others prefer a series of shorter blog posts. Even though the information is the same, it is being presented in different ways.

Here are three reasons why it is important to re-purpose your content and make it an essential part of your online business strategy:

1.  When you re-purpose your content it can save you an enormous amount
of time. Let’s say for example that you have a report that you previously sold for $10. You could take this same report and turn it into a video and offer it as a gift when someone joins your emailing list. This could save you hours of work creating or finding something totally new as an incentive and even if it takes you a bit of time to set up the video, it is still much less time than creating and planning a whole new product.

2. Re-purposing content will save you money and the way this happens is
that it eliminates the need to hire somebody else to do a whole lot of research or product planning for you. So there is less outsourcing required which translates into money saved, and even if you outsource part of the project like making the video or audio presentation for you, by giving your freelancer the content all you need them to do is turn it into the format presentation that you require.

3.  The third reason that re-purposing content is worth-while is that it can give you wider exposure and the ability to appeal to more people and there are two different ways to achieve this. The first part stems from the fact that people absorb information differently, so when you only offer content in one medium you will only get one group of people who will pay attention to it.

By re-purposing your content you can then improve your exposure as it offers you an opportunity to reach more people, in other words those who
absorb information in other ways. If for example you create a blog post, you will begin by sharing it with the people who read your blog. By then following through and turning this post into an article spinning it and submitting it to numerous article directories you get more mileage from it. Turn it into a podcast or video and there are still more websites that you can submit it to.

Can you see the endless possibilities that you can take advantage of and how many more people you can reach just by re-purposing one piece of content? Use this method and you will be amazed by the number of places and formats that you can use which can improve your success rate dramatically and build successful legitimate online businesses.

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