Using a WordPress blog as an online marketing tool is becoming more popular everyday. The great thing about this software tool is that it has the ability to be used to create a blog or a website for your online income business, the choice is totally up to you. Many online business owners today will choose to use a blog as a website in preference to the normal static type of site, and there are even more benefits when using a WordPress blog.

Here are some of the ways that you can benefit from using WordPress as an online marketing tool for your business website:

1. To start off with WordPress offers you the ability to create a blog that just does not look or act like an actual blog, and added to this is the extra advantage you get with search engines over other software applications.

2.  Frequent Updating. With a blog it is so easy to update and this you can do on a daily basis. Search engines love sites that do this and with fresh content added often your site will become irresistible to many of the search engines as they thrive on new content and the more you provide the higher your site will climb in the rankings, which will ultimately mean more traffic for you.

3.  Posting an event or date on your blog usually results in webcrawlers attaching themselves more quickly, so if you want to schedule or promote a particular event for your readers with a short news announcement this works really well with WordPress.

4.  Keyword searches occur in a more natural way when you create a WordPress blog which means that people will be able to find your website a lot more easily when they search with the keywords that you are using for your online business and you will quickly overtake your competitors in the search engine ranks who are not using WordPress.

5.  An excellent way to get people to subscribe to you newsletter or regular posts is by using RSS feeds. This feature for anyone who is regularly adding new content or features to their website will save them the time it normally takes to send out bulk emails. The only thing that has to be done is to post the new content and the email will be generated automatically for them.

6.  Commenting is something that is not only allowed on a blog, but it is encouraged as it helps to increase interest in your site and gets you more visitors. Another advantage of this feature is that it will increase your search engine results because there is new content being added all the time. It is also a great way to network and build a community of regular visitors to your site where they can all interact and you can benefit from them by learning about new developments in your niche that you may not have known about.

These are just some of the great benefits and advantages that you will get from using a WordPress blog as a tool for your online income marketing  business and once you get started I am sure that you will find many more. In fact your will probably wonder how you ever managed without it.

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