An extra method of getting traffic to your internet business opportunities would be by growing your downline across a few different traffic exchanges by using the downline builder that is offered on your main traffic exchange program which is also a type of affiliate program.
If you are not sure how this works just continue reading.

Whenever you join a traffic exchange (T.E.) you are given a reference number which is actually an affiliate number and you can earn bonus credits or money every time you recruit a new member to the traffic exchange. What a downline builder does is that it takes advantage of the fact that many traffic exchange users generally belong to more than one T.E.When you click on the Downline Builder button on your main traffic exchange in the member’s area, you will see a list of several other traffic exchanges there and if you belong to any of those you can then enter your affiliate number for each one of them on the list.

If there are any T.E.’s there that you don’t belong to, you can easily join them through a link that is available right there and you can then add them to the downline builder list.

So what can you gain by doing this?

Whenever anyone that you refer to the T.E. joins other exchanges through the downline builder, they will automatically be placed into your downline on whichever exchanges they join and you will then earn extra credits and in some cases money from those exchanges. You will also be able to send email messages to the people who are in your downline and build a relationship with them.

The benefit of doing this is that the more T.E.’s you are able to generate credits on the more traffic you will get to see your main internet business opportunities.

You can join the downline builder on each of your favorite traffic exchanges that you surf, with your affiliate links that are on the first one, and build your downlines there as well. In this way you will be building your downlines across several different traffic exchanges, but remember that your main focus still needs to remain on your main business opportunities and recruiting people to your main list.

So to summarize, it is a good idea to use traffic exchange downline builders but do not spend the major part of your time or too many credits in promoting traffic exchanges, your main focus still need to be on your own business.

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