In the last article on e-book publishing we discussed how to produce an e-book and in this article we will continue the discussion on locking and uploading it to an e-book website and using it to build your mailing list for your online income home business.

Now that you have your e-book all ready to publish the next step that you need to take is to lock it and offer those who download it an unlock code.


By locking the e-book anyone who downloads it will need the code in order to open it and to get the access to the code they will be directed to a form where they will have to provide their name and e-mail address so that the code can be sent to them. They will receive the e-book unlock code by agreeing to receive further e-mails and updates from the publisher. In other words by agreeing to the above terms they are actually agreeing to join your mailing list.

This whole process can be run automatically by using an auto-responder. To follow this method of list building there is no need to use a squeeze page, instead you can just offer the e-book as a free download and connect the customers’ name and e-mail address later, when they come back to get the access code.

People are less resistant to the idea of collecting an access code to open something that has already been downloaded than they are to the thought of leaving their information on a squeeze page before anything has been received. Once the e-book is sitting on their hard drive they are keen to open it and read it.

Another thing is the fact that the e-book could be initially downloaded without any prior conditions and this demonstrates to them your trustworthiness. If your e-book has a compelling title you will have achieved two things by giving it away. Initially you would have stirred the customers’ curiosity and second their resistance to giving out their name and e-mail address will have been lowered.

Because of this you can practically guarantee a higher opt in rate than you would expect with the usual squeeze page method. Another option for you is to offer full give away and resale rights with the book. Let the people who download your e-book know that they can either give the book away or sell it at any price they choose and they can keep 100% of the profits.

You are probably now wondering why you should do this! Just think about it. Every time anyone downloads the e-book they are going to have to come to you for the access code and leave their details which you will then add to your email list. This is the reason that you can afford to be so generous, because everybody knows that the money is in the list and the bigger your list grows the more opportunities you will have to sell your products and build a successful internet based home business.

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