For anyone who has an online income business the number one tool that we all need to succeed is a responsive email list. Generally when people think about building a list their main concern is to make sales either as an affiliate or to sell their own products. Very few of them actually realize that a responsive email list can have even more hidden values, as there are other ways of benefiting from a list apart from just selling products on to them.

Here are some other uses for that list that will make building it worthwhile.

1. Use it for Market Research.

All the subscribers on your list are interested in the products you are selling and the niche market you are involved in so this is a great place to do some market research. By sending out a survey every month or so you will be able to discover exactly what your target market is looking for with regards to type of product.

This is a great way to ensure that the projects that you are planning for the future contains products that are in demand in your market. It will save you from spending your time and money on a product only to learn that it is something that no one wants. You can avoid this kind of disaster by using your list to gauge the interest of your subscribers.

2.  Creating Products.

If you have an interest in creating products of your own then a good way to do this is by allowing people on your list to send you emails with questions or comments. You could simply take all the questions and comments that you have received over a period of time and turn them into a product which you can either choose to sell or give away to your emailing list.

Another use for it would be as a promotion for an affiliate program that you are marketing. Surveys and polls can be used the same way and if your subscriber list has questions chances are that there are many more people out there asking the same things. Just by answering these questions you will be able to create a product that can be valuable to a lot of people.

3.  Use Your List for Testing.

Why not use your list to test products? If you can create a product such as a video series or an e-book an idea would be to ask your list to test the product for you. Of course you will still want to promote and market this product after it has been tested by people on your list so it may be a good idea to limit the number of people allowed in the testing stage.

After you have received their feedback you will then be able to tweak and improve your product before actually marketing it. At the same time you can find out whether there are any complimentary products that might be useful to add extra value to your total package.

4.  How to Price the Product.

Generally this is one of the major problems that many people have; they don’t know how to set the price correctly. This is another place that your list can lend a hand. By giving away some copies of your product say  ten to twenty, before you release it you will be able to get some feedback from your list as far as the price is concerned.

Setting the price correctly of extremely important if your aim is to maximize the profit margin that you want. If you set the price too high you will not make many sales and if it is too low then you will make very little profit even though you may sell a huge amount.

By using your emailing list of subscribers not only will you get a better idea of the right price to charge but you will also get some good recommendations on how you can add value to your offer.

Use these added benefits that your emailing list can afford you and your online income business will prosper.

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