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Setting up your new Online Business can be a daunting prospect, and wondering what level of income you’ll initially be earning will one of your major concerns. However, a key advantage of working from home is that you cut out your daily commute, and therefore you will find you have an increased amount of spare time in your day. Have a look at the following suggestions for ways to utilize this time into money making endeavors, you will find they are simple ways to maintain your cash flow whilst you are waiting for your online business to take off.

Article Writing                                                                

One of the simplest ways to earn extra cash online from home is to become an article writer. Many websites require original content written for their pages on subjects on anything ranging from cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to solar energy products. No special skills are required apart from the ability to write clearly and concisely on a given subject. Even if you have no previous background in the article topic area but feel you are capable of researching it online then you will be able to write articles for a wide variety of themes.

Details of any keywords that should be used within the content will often be provided prior to commencing the article and an article writer can expect to earn anything from $5 to $25 per article. The exact cash paid per article will depend on the length and difficulty of the article and the particular payment structure that the article writing website uses. Articles will usually range from 350 to 1000 words in length, remember to research several sites that are advertising for freelance writers as they will have different methods of payment, this way you can pick a couple to suit you.


Blogging has become a common past time for many internet users but how many have considered the possibility of becoming a paid blogger to earn extra cash online from home? Blogging is a simple task and can become a very lucrative venture for those wanting to earn extra cash without leaving home. Create a blog about an interesting topic and write helpful information or reviews about relevant products and services. Try to write compelling content that will get people coming back for more and the blog may become popular enough to attract advertisers. Advertisers can pay a fixed price for an ad or use PPC (pay per click) advertising from one of the reputable advertising networks available. PPC ads can be placed on any blog and the blog owner gets paid every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads so the busier the blog becomes, the greater the likelihood of more visitors clicking on the ads and earning the blog owner cash.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are easy to complete and generally take no more than 10 or 15 minutes to carry out. Cash amounts of up to around $5 can be paid for each survey although the vast majority of surveys average around $1.50 per completed assignment. No special skills are required just honesty and care while completing surveys as surveys help companies gauge
consumer reaction to a variety of issues. Just register for free with a variety of reputable paid survey sights using the contact form provided on the website and remember that none of the paid survey sites suggested charge anything to register. If any paid survey website requests money for registration or to gain access to a ‘secret’ list of paid survey sites, do not join and please do not pay a single penny.

This is best viewed as a way to supplement your income, as it can help contribute towards weekly costs but is not a replacement income.

Online Auction Sites

Many online entrepreneurs sell products on auction sites as well as their own websites. Many of the products that are sold on auction sites are not sold in an auction style manner and have a fixed price attached to them which creates a type of ecommerce experience. The seller can choose whether the item is to be bid for or sold for a fixed price. In many cases both options are possible with a ‘buy now’ option. It is very possible to use an auction site to sell products that are not actually kept in stock and this method is known as ‘drop shipping.’  Once the item has been sold the item is ordered by the seller from the drop
shipper who delivers the item on the seller’s behalf and from the drop shippers stock.

Search around the internet for auction sites as you may find you prefer alternatives to eBay. Make sure that you conduct yourself professionally as you will be rated according to the reliability of you as a seller.

This is a great way to maintain cash flow during the early days of your career working from home as it does not take long to set up and can turn a lot of unused items into vital income.

Using the above examples in conjunction with each other will help you to diversify your income streams in the early days of your career working from home. This will help maintain a cash flow for you so you can allay your concerns about not earning whilst you are waiting for your online business or home working career to take off. Many people use these options in their spare time as work from home jobs as an addition to their actual careers. This proves that these methods can easily fit around whatever your main focus is.

Author Bio – This is a guest post contributed by Matthew Nunn who works for provide people with online survey opportunities that pay cash and vouchers for major high street shops.

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