One of the biggest problems with legitimate home business opportunities is the amount of hype attached to internet marketing. There are so many marketers who tell you how you can earn online income and make thousands of dollars a week with virtually no work involved if you just follow their system. Let’s face it unless one is completely naïve it is pretty obvious that this is nothing but hype.

One fact that is true is that you can run an online home business and earn online income free, but it will take dedication and work on your part. It will also mean taking your expectations down a couple of notches, at least in the beginning, but if you follow a plan and work consistently you can achieve success and end up building a very successful business.

Here is a three step method to follow that will help you get paid online for free:

1.  Start with a Plan

To really earn online income you need to keep in mind one major point, and that is to begin with research and planning. If you start with a plan, it is much easier to eliminate any of the problems that would normally arise otherwise.

Spend some time deciding what you actually want to accomplish. To earn an online income free it is absolutely necessary that you firstly have a plan, and then that you make is priority to follow that plan. If you try to do it any other way you will end up making mistakes that could set you back quite a bit or even destroy your hopes of ever building a successful legitimate home business online.

2.  Set up a Business around Your Interest

The type of business you are most likely to succeed in is one that involves something you are truly interested in. Here is how you can do this:

Research some of the best niche ideas with things that you think will work for you. It is so much easier to build a successful online home business when you love and believe in what you are doing.

If you can’t find something to feel really passionate about, then consider creating something. Find a niche that is reasonably appealing to you and dig in until it becomes your passion.

If everything you have looked at fails to come up to expectations, then go for the money. Check out the really popular niches and learn what people really want and then sell it to them. Your likelihood of success will increase enormously when you are able to give people what they want. A good method of finding your target audience is by doing a bit of surfing yourself and then do some keyword research to see how many people are looking for the product that you are considering. This way it will not take you too long to find something suitable.

3.  Learn Something about Your Target Audience
Once you have settled on the niche you want, you will need to find out who your audience is. These are the people who may make a difference to the design and content of your website.

Here are some quick questions to ask yourself:                   

Who are the people likely to visit your website?
How are they going to find your website?
What ages, gender etc are they?
What do you want them to do once they get to your website?
How will you get them to either stay or revisit your website?

Once you have answered these question you will have taken a great step in the right direction to develop a real legitimate home business that will earn online income free. By asking these questions you are learning to focus on the essential steps you need to take towards promoting and maintaining an online business. Following these steps will help you to make more money as well as reinforcing your customer loyalty.

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