There are many different ways that a blog can be used on the internet and although is was originally not intended as a way to make money, there are many very successful blogs online that are earning enough income for their owners to live in reasonable comfort just from this source alone.

Most people do not understand how it is possible to make money with a blog, but it is really not that difficult to do and it can be done pretty much for free or just a small amount of money.

The main ability that anyone wanting to utilize this method of earning an extra income needs to have is the ability to write regular posts to their blog and by this I mean at least 3-4 times per week, especially in the beginning when the blog is new and unknown online. Three to four posts a week might not seem like very much when first starting out, but it can become tedious and sometimes even downright difficult not only to write the posts but to think of topics to write about and it can wear even the most enthusiastic writers down after a while.

The internet is a hard taskmaster and taking time off for more than a day or two can set you back very quickly so it is essential to be consistent, at least until you have built up a large following, and then it is possible to take a break occasionally. When you do feel overwhelmed though, think about how good it feels to be making money this way, working from home without a boss to dictate how and when you work.

So how do you monetize your blog?

This is easily done by joining a few affiliate programs that are related to the niche on which your blog is based and then advertising these affiliate products on your blog. When you become an affiliate for a particular product you then will be given access to some of that company’s promotional material such as banners, text ads etc. and all you need to do is place some of these on your website/blog.

If you then write a review about each product, not necessarily all at once, and then get the products seen by all the visitors that you are attracting to your website, you will begin to generate sales for which you will earn a commission.

The beauty of earning an income through affiliate marketing is that all the basics are taken care of by the affiliate company. The product is developed, the advertising materials are produced and all that is required of you is to sell the products and once you do that the affiliate company is responsible for packaging and shipping and collecting the money. Now can you think of a better way of earning money online?

Another method that can be used to earn money from your blog is to open an Adwords account with Google and then allow them to place some text adverts on your blog. Every time someone visiting your site clicks on one of these ads you will earn a commission. Although the amount is usually quite small, all these little amounts can add up to a nice check in the end.

These are just a couple of ideas on ways to earn money online with your own blog and the good thing is that they do not need to cost you anything other that time and consistent posting to your blog so that it gets recognized by the search engines and listed where people looking for information can find it and become your customers.

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