There are many different income opportunities online that go beyond selling things on auction sites and two of the most popular methods of generating a part or full time income are multilevel marketing (MLM) and affiliate marketing.

Both of these business models are a simple method of getting started online as they are not difficult to learn, although there are some skills that you will need to master. The other advantage is that they require very little capital outlay.

When it comes to affiliate marketing where you earn an income through selling either a product or a service, your main objective to receive your affiliate commissions is to send prospective customers to your online business website or to the free sales page or website that is usually provided to you by the affiliate company. Don’t let the thought of selling put you off as basically the main part of the selling process is done by the company that you have signed up with.

Multilevel marketing (which is also called network marketing) is a type of business model where you earn a commission by selling a product or service while at the same time you will be referring people to the business aspect of the network company. The main difference between affiliate marketing and network or MLM marketing is that with network marketing you are building an organization from which you will receive commissions as well as the income earned from selling the product.  Every time anyone joins the business through your recommendation you will earn a commission and also from those who join under them, so the bigger your organization grows the more money you will make.

With both of these online income opportunities your main task will be to look for the most cost effective way of driving traffic to your website. There are a variety of methods you can use to generate traffic, some are cheap but do involve a lot of time while others that are quicker will cost you more money.

To begin with you will need to decide which method of driving traffic you want to master. Once you have found a way that you like best and that is within your budget, you will then need to learn everything you can about your chosen method so that you can become an expert and begin to earn money, when you have done this you should then move on to another method and then another so that you are widening your options.

Things on the internet change rapidly so it is essential that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to ways of generating traffic. You should have at least 3 – 5 different methods, but don’t try to take on too much all at once. It is best to perfect once method before moving on to the next one, so start slowly and build up and keep in mind that perfection means that you are getting enough traffic every day on a regular basis to make some money.

Remember that you cannot expect to get rich by promoting just one product or by using only one method of generating traffic. It is very much a numbers game so you will need a lot of traffic to your website as only a small percentage of the visitors to your site will actually buy anything from you.

There are a huge variety of income opportunities online and it is really a matter of finding what appeals to you most. Once you have decided on what you want to do you will then need to find the method of generating traffic that will work best for you and then just keep repeating until you are making the kind of income that you want to make.

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