If you think about the many people who never seem to make any money online, you can probably break the reasons down into two main areas. These are really the only things that one needs to consider when first starting out in an internet based home business.

1.  Firstly they have not thought through the reason why they want this type of business or why they want to make extra money.

Many people will just give a figure that they would like to earn each month without having a clear reason for wanting to do so and this makes it very difficult to do.

Successful people do not just think that they would like to make an extra $250 a month, what they take in to consideration are the reasons why they want to make this extra income. For example is it because they want to make up the shortfall on their salaries, or to pay off their mortgage?

The important point here is that you need to understand your WHY! If you don’t have a firm reason of why you wish to succeed in an internet based business and earn an extra income online, then your chances of success will be greatly reduced.

2.  Earning an income on the internet is not that easy to do (in spite of all the hype from the gurus) and the most difficult part is learning how to do the business. It takes time and effort to learn the skills required to be a successful internet marketer.

In fact it is no different from learning any other skill. In the beginning you may find it very hard, but with practice and perseverance you can learn to be very good at it and become first rate at what you are learning whatever skill it is that you are striving for.

If you have patience and are prepared to master the skills required your internet based home business will achieve great success and the income you desire will follow.

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