If your dream is to be really successful online as an affiliate marketer then setting up your website with multiple streams of income is essential. Although one affiliate product on its own can make you money, to have a truly profitable online income business you will need multiple streams of income.

It is however extremely important that you choose your products with care. One of the biggest mistakes made by affiliate marketers when they add additional products to their website is that they finish up competing with themselves. For example it is not unusual to find affiliate marketers making extra income from drop shipping or selling goods on ebay amongst other things. The secret to doing this successfully is to be sure that the products offered in these additional streams are complementary and are not in direct competition with their main affiliate products.

So if we assume that your main affiliate product is a supplement for weight loss then selling products on ebay could affect your affiliate product as they are both physical  especially if the products that you are offering on ebay are also physical weight loss products.

What might be a better option is to sell a service or create a digital product that is in the same niche as your physical product and offer this for sale. If it is a digital product and you have created it yourself it could be an e-book on how to take supplements and follow an exercise program that would speed up your weight loss and help you maintain it over a long period of time.

In this way anyone who buys your weight loss supplement is going to want to buy your e-book as well. If they are serious enough to want to lose the weight they will also want to learn the best methods of doing it.

Let’s face it anyone who finds a product that is beneficial to them and that needs to be replaced every month will purchase it on a regular basis and this recurring sale will go on giving you passive income for years. In fact it might even be to your advantage to give your e-book as a bonus with the original sale rather than sell it.

Even if you don’t want to create your own products, there is always the option of having a few different affiliate products on your online business website as these can all bring in extra income, the main thing though is to be sure that any product you choose to promote will still be in the same niche as your main product. By setting up a
business website with multiple streams of income you are setting yourself up for success but remember that it is very important that you pay attention to the streams that you add. Just ensure that they don’t detract from your main stream as this will decrease your profits instead of adding to them.

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