Blogs can be used either for non-profit or as a way to make money online, in other words for profit. Some people who use a blog for non-profit do so merely as a means of connecting with others or sharing their thoughts on the internet. However the majority of people who have blogs do so for the sole purpose of earning an income from them and luckily there are several different methods that can be applied to help you achieve this aim.

Here are some ideas on ways to profit from a blog.

1.  Selling Advertising Space

One way that you can profit from your blog, (provided you are receiving a substantial amount of traffic) is by selling advertising space to other internet marketers. This is a great form of passive income although initially it takes a bit of work to find advertisers and to maintain the ads. It is also important to ensure that the adverts you display for others are in line with the target market that your blog is allied to, as anyone using your site to advertise will expect to make sales from the ads that they are paying you to show for them. Keep in mind that advertisers are paying you to show their ads to an audience that matches the kind of products they are promoting.

If you compare this to other methods of profiting from your blog, selling advertising space can be a consistent revenue stream for you. So long as you can keep your ad slots filled you should be able to make regular money every single month.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are another way of earning an income online with your blog and many bloggers work as affiliate marketers promoting other peoples products on their blog and making commissions through sales that they have made. In order to make a profit through your blog you will still need traffic and this must be targeted to the market you are promoting.

If you are new to internet marketing and blogging then affiliate programs are a perfect way to start earning money online, as you don’t need to create your own product to dip your feet into the water.

3.  Providing a Service.

Bloggers who are more interested in providing a service can use this opportunity to find clients and earn money online. By maintaining a blog that concentrates on your particular field of expertise you will become recognized as an expert. This can help you as well when looking for new clients and you can benefit from the increased demand for your services as your reputation grows and allows you to charge more for your work.

Apart from promoting your services and selling affiliate products, selling premium content is another way to profit from your blog. Blogs generally are a great source of information and not all of it has to be free. There are also blogs that focus on selling membership sites and even though it is possible to sell content in any field you do need to have the ability to give your readers quality content and things that are worth paying for.

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