Many people nowadays are looking for legitimate online income opportunities. The good news is that they in fact do exist. So here are some suggestions.

1. Online surveys. There are many companies who are seeking good marketing information from consumers to help them to better understand how their products
can be more effective or demanded.

You can enroll through online websites and complete different online surveys. The pay is modest but real. You can search for a variety of  these kinds of sites through a Google search.

Just be careful and avoid any sites which want to charge you an upfront fee to register or complete surveys. Legitimate sites never do so.

Keep in mind that you won’t make thousands of dollars this way. But it is a fairly easy and legitimate way to make some extra money online.

2. Mystery Shopping Services. You can register on different sites and have the opportunity to do some shopping and report on your experiences.

This can include restaurants or different retails stores.

There are a variety of different websites which offer these kinds of  opportunities. Again it is important to keep in mind that legitimate sites don’t charge upfront for this opportunity.

3. Write web content. With so many websites on the internet, their owners are looking for good content to post on them and keep them fresh and up to date. If you enjoy writing and are knowledgeable in certain areas, there is a great opportunity to write articles for publication.

You will get paid for each article accepted. And even if you are not totally familiar with different topics, you can find a great deal of information on the web.Just be certain that your article is completely original.

You can post your services on places like Craigslist or Many good opportunities exist so check it out.

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