When I hear the word job I immediately think about getting my resume up to date. However, it is interesting that when people search the Internet for legitimate work from home jobs they give very little thought to the application process.

Have you ever applied for a job where you did not have to fill out an application or submit a resume? As a matter of fact most employers require people to fill out an application even when they bring a resume.                           

They do this because they want to see if the person applying for the job actually knows how to read and write. This sounds funny yet that is a skill that many people lack.

On the Internet people search around all day long for jobs that they hope will magically appear. In reality unless you have skills or work experience there is no one that is going to hire you to work for them.

You can go to websites such as Tjobs.com and find telecommuting jobs. This is where employers are looking for people who want to do work for them, but stay at home and do it.

You find these jobs laid out in various categories such as: Data Entry / Customer Service, Admin Assistant , Artists/Graphics/Design, Photographers, Programmers/Engineers/IT, Sales, Tutors/Teachers, and so on.

These are real companies that offer real jobs. You are expected to complete an application and in many cases email a resume.

You are expected to have the skills or work experience required to do the job. In many cases you are actually expected to have the proper amount of college education for the position you are applying for.

As you look at legitimate work from home jobs this make sense. Nobody’s going to hire you just because you need or want a job.

Now the opportunities to make money working from home are endless if you do not have the proper work experience or education.

You can go to just about any work from home jobs website and find all kinds of opportunities to make money at home. Some of these require you to purchase training material.

Others are home business opportunities that you need to join and pay a fee to do so. There are plenty of opportunities such as affiliate marketing where you do not have to spend any money at all.

The key to making these work from home jobs legitimate is finding something that you want to do and then learning how to do it. You can make a few hundred dollars a month working from home with the right business opportunity. You can even earn a full-time income from home if you are willing to apply yourself.

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