With the world in a state of financial crisis at the moment, there are many people being laid off work as companies cut down on their costs or even close. Some of these people unfortunately lose their self confidence and give up the will to attack the problem they are facing of making money in order to survive.

This might surprise you, but there are many options available when it comes to making money right away. There are legitimate online income opportunities that abound on the internet that you can get involved in and begin making money immediately.

1.  One option is to sell items that you have lying around the house, things that nobody ever uses but could still be of value to someone else. Selling items on eBay is one option or another program that is now available is Triple Clicks. This belongs to SFI and you can sell and buy goods on it at great rates.

2.  Advertise items for sale with free classified ads. Do this to your local market and leave your name and email address or your phone number so that people can contact you.

3.   Look around your house. You would probably be amazed at how much spare change people leave just lying around their home or in a cookie jar somewhere. This can sometimes amount to quite a considerable amount.

4.  How about completing surveys online. Companies need feedback from the public on new products that they are creating or on products currently being marketed, as this allows them to see if their products are successful or if changes need to be made.

There are some excellent programs available where you can sign up and complete surveys and they pay anything from $5 – $75 per completed survey. Two of my favorites are Maximum Paid Surveys and Cash Crate. They also have other opportunities available on their sites such as shopping for cash etc.

5.  Why not have a garage sale if the weather is good. People are always looking for bargains and this is an excellent way to make instant cash.

These are just some ideas that you can follow to make some money immediately, but for long term growth and security the best thing to do is build an internet based business. Take care of your immediate needs but spend some time on building a business online and you will never need to rely on a boss or a job again.

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