There are literally thousands of training courses and books available on ways to make money online but there are some things you need to think about that must be done when it comes to actually earning an income online.

Here are two essential tips for you to consider:    

1.  Be careful when taking advice. It is so easy for anyone to call themselves an expert and take money from someone who is new to the internet and doesn’t know any better.

This type of thing happens on a regular basis. Someone sells a few items or programs and suddenly makes a decision to target the “how to make money” market.

This in itself is not a problem and there is nothing wrong with being in this market provided you know what you are talking about. However if you are new to internet marketing yourself you need to be cautious about accepting advice from anyone unless they have the credentials to back up the advice they are handing out.

If for any reason you feel a bit uneasy about a person’s credentials there are a number of internet marketing forums where you can make enquiries about them. The Warrior Forum is just one of the forums where you will be able to quickly learn whether the person is legitimate or not.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter you can easily make friends with like minded people and see for yourself who would be good to follow as far as advice is concerned. These networking sites are also great places to build up a list of followers where you can be kept up to date on anything connected to your type of online business.

2.  Point number two is that the bulk of the time you spend online everyday must be spent on marketing your business. A good way to remain focused on what you need to do is to have a note somewhere near your computer that
is visible to you at all times that asks “is what I am doing right now increasing my business profits?” In fact to take it one step further I would say that you should be spending a major portion of your time every single day blogging.

Not only do people love to read blogs they are also loved by the search engines and there are any number of resources to be found online where you can learn how to blog successfully. is one of the greatest websites on the internet for teaching anyone how to blog for the best results. This is definitely rated as an authority site as it has an enormous amount of quality content and you can learn everything you need to know about making money online through blogging.

Blogging offers you an income opportunity to write about things you enjoy in a niche that you are interested in. It is also a great way to begin generating a flood of free targeted traffic, although this does not happen overnight but does take some dedicated work. Having a quality blog and receiving targeted traffic in high volumes also gives you the opportunity of selling products or services online and making money.

So the two essential things that you must do to make money online are to be aware of who you accept advice from and discover how to become an expert at blogging.

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