A lot of people think they have all the ingredients needed to achieve their online income goals. They have a positive mindset, they have the emotional fortitude to last in the long run and they have the technical expertise involved in achieving whatever their goals are.  However, there are some people who get sidetracked and end up not achieving their goals at all.

They get blindsided by some obstacles that greet them midway, or worse, just when they are almost at the point of success. What a lot of people do not realize is that they can actually get rid of these obstacles early in the game, even before taking the first steps in realizing their goals.  The thing is to actually identify these obstacles or risks as soon as possible. With these obstacles removed early in the process, the goal setter is assured of a smoother ride in achieving it.                                   

Risks are generally a huge obstacle in realizing online income goals.  The point is that, risks are present everywhere, and they cannot be avoided.  However, they can be dealt with and removed so that they do not become hindrances in the realizing of a goal.

One has to identify how big and “conquerable” the risks are.  Once the risks are understood, the goal setter can then formulate strategies to deal with them.

First, the risk has to be specified.  The link between the risk and the goal has to be known, as well as the size of this risk and its particular impact.  The risk may be minimal if it has a low potential impact.

The next thing to be identified about the risk is the probability of it actually occurring.  Is there a high probability of it occurring, or is it unlikely to occur at all?  The time and energy of the goal setter may be better spent on other issues if the probability of this risk occurring is lower.

Of course, the pros and cons should also be looked at.  Will the benefits of overcoming the risk outweigh the potential damage it may bring?  Once the impact and probability of the risk have been determined, and whether the advantages of pursuing the goal despite these risks is worth it, then additional advice from a mentor or a knowledgeable friend may be considered.

There should be no stopping a person from pursuing their online income goal but what must be remembered, is that if the advantages of achieving the goal outweighs the potential damage of a risk, then there is no point in being afraid of tackling this goal.

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