Are you one of those people who put off “until tomorrow” doing the tasks that are not fun to do? Most of us tend to procrastinate with unpleasant tasks from time to time even if they are important to our internet based business.

Don’t despair, there are ways to help you overcome this problem and in this article we will discuss just some of them.

1. We all have times of the day when we are more productive than at other times, so plan your tasks for the day accordingly. Do something that Brian Tracy recommends and that is “swallow your frogs” in other words do the tasks you would normally put off during your most productive times.

2. If you have a project that is so overwhelming that you don’t ever want to begin it, break it down into smaller steps and just concentrate on getting the first step done. Once you have completed that then move on to the next one.

Write it down! By writing the steps down and being very clear on what is required for each one you will find the whole process a good deal easier to cope with.

4.  Once you have worked out your plan for the day and allocated a time period to each task then concentrate on that task without distractions until you have completed it. During this time do not answer the phone or the door and remove anything else that is likely to distract you from the task at hand. When that task is finished for the day, you can then take a short break before beginning the next one.

5.  If you make any mistakes, don’t beat yourself up about it. Mistakes are how we learn so just think of it as a learning curve and move on. Nobody is perfect we all make mistakes at times the main thing is to discover where we went wrong and how we can correct it.

6.  If you set yourself up with too many tasks to complete in a day you are setting yourself up to fail. Be realistic about what you can actually achieve in one day and work accordingly.

7.  Exercise regularly, eat healthy and nourishing food and get enough sleep. All of these things will give you more energy and you will be less likely to procrastinate on what you need to accomplish. Not only will you feel better but your internet business and your family will benefit from a brighter and happier person.

Plan for times when there will be unavoidable distractions. This happens to all of us and you need to allow for it provided it is really something that cannot be avoided. Something that is very important is to remember to reward yourself when you have completed a difficult task, especially if it was one that you have been procrastinating on doing, and make whatever you are working on fun it really is much easier when you can enjoy it and an internet based business from home is something that you should be able to get pleasure from.

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