It goes without saying that a business or anything that passes through time can only truly move forward and be on a more defined road to success is when goals are clearly defined.  Whether it is one’s life or the success of a career or an online business, having clear and definite goals will give any person an added push and more direction.  

Obviously, if a goal is clear, everyone involved in achieving it will be more focused and determined to achieve it.  However, it has been experienced by many that setting these goals is a difficult task, let alone actually attaining them.  That is why there are some tips below on how to create these goals, which in turn would be a more concrete step to achieving success, whether in an online business or personal life.

•    A goal needs to be exciting, or else the urge to achieve it will not be present.  Most people have lofty goals for themselves or for their businesses, and by the end of a year or a time period where they expect to achieve these goals, they often find themselves still far away from succeeding.  A main reason for this is that the goal is not really something that can propel action.

The road to accomplishing these goals should be something that pushes a person to wake up every morning, to drive him or herself to achieve their aim.  A person who is not moved by their goal won’t really be moved to do anything to succeed with it.

•    Goals have to be specific.  A lot of goals eventually get shelved because midway through trying to achieve them, the person trying,  realizes that the goal is too generic, too up in the air and not really tangible.  People usually aim for goals that include being more “financially secure” and being “more contented and happier”.

These sure are lofty, but what do these concepts actually mean?  Goals have to be something that can be visualized thoroughly, so that they are easier and more exciting to achieve.  Does being financially secure mean having a dollar savings account with $50,000 in it?  Does being happier and more contented mean spending at least 4 hours a day with the family?  The more specific the goal is the more achievable and realistic it will be.

•    It is important to evaluate yourself.  A look back to the past years, and especially the past year should give you an idea of where your life or business have succeeded, which parts were enjoyable, and which periods were filled with struggle.  An audit of the past year should give you enough thoughts to make resolutions for the coming months or years. Are the scenarios of struggle unavoidable or can they be altered?  Can the periods of success be replicated?  What strengths and weaknesses were used in those events?

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