Social networking can be a great method to use for building your online opportunities business or it can be a total waste of your time. If used correctly it can be a key factor in the success of your online business and an excellent marketing tactic that is well worth implementing.

Below are 10 social networking tips to get you started in the right direction.

1.  Be Consistent.
It is not really important how you plan to do it; the main thing is to be sure to do it consistently. Don’t try to have too many networks because this will certainly lead to lack of consistency as you will not manage to keep up with all your profiles. Just by being consistent you will already be ahead of the pack.

2. Be Consistent when Creating Your Profiles.
When creating profiles across a number of social networks you must make sure that they are all consistent. Always use the same name, personal details and contact information and also the same picture. Doing this will just make it easier for people to recognize you. If your profile is different in each social networking site they will not be able to find you.

3.  Do Not Spam.

It is fine to bookmark your own content but if you only bookmark your own stuff this is considered spamming. You can happily bookmark every blog post that you make, but in between you will need to also bookmark content that you encounter on the web, especially if you find it helpful or interesting. This tip can help you to prevent your own profile from being ignored by others.

4.  Take the first Step.
At times it would be a good idea to reach out to others and take the first step in building a relationship with people involved in the same niche as you are, you cannot always wait for them to notice you.

5.  Streamline Your Social Networking Sites.
It is essential to post good content and many of the social networking sites make it simple to add the RSS feed from you online business website  and allow your posts to act as content, this tip is a huge time-saver that you should take advantage of.

6.  Don’t allow Email Alerts.

If you are on a number of social networks don’t let any of them send you alerts as it will waste your valuable time. If you are consistent in your activities on the social sites you will be aware of what is happening there anyway.

7.  Set up a Plan.

Before you begin entering your profile on the various sites, decide out what you are going to post and anything else that needs doing. By planning ahead it will keep you from becoming distracted and wasting time on other things.

8.  Be Professional.

Your profile is part of your professional online presence, so keep it that way. It is OK to have a personal profile but just don’t confuse the two.

9.  Learn the Culture.

The vibe on every social network is different so be sure to get the feel before you jump in with guns blazing.

10. Be Helpful.

If you are able to help someone else out on one of the social network sites then do so. This  will not only make you look good to other people there but you never know when you may need to favor returned and building relationships will help your online business success.

Hopefully you will find these social networking tips helpful to make your networking tactics more enjoyable.

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