If you take your blogging efforts seriously then I would suggest that you consider using social bookmarking to get more benefit for your efforts. This will definitely help to further your success, but it is incredible how many bloggers skip this easy step, either because they think it takes too much time or they don’t realize how important it is.

Social bookmarking is a simple step where you place the details of a blog post in an online social directory. This allows people to read it and to even vote on it in some social directories.

Do you blog regularly? This means different things to different people, some would consider once a week OK while others may do it more often. Either way is fine so long as it is done on a consistent basis. Just don’t let your blog lie dormant as you will lose any benefit you may have previously built up.

Bookmark your post to as many social directories as you want, most types of blogs will allow you to add a social bookmarking plug-in and this gives you the ability to quickly bookmark your latest post.

There are many social bookmarking services such as Onlywire.com which allow you to bookmark your blog post to multiple directories with the click of your mouse.

By taking the time to join the various directories in services such as Onlywire.com and signing up to some of the directories within their program, you will then be able to submit your article with just one click.

If you feel that you only want to join a few of the directories, then two of the most important ones to join would be Technorati and Digg.

To gain the best results for your blogging efforts you need to write quality articles and make sure that the keywords you use are related to the article. Include these keywords when you bookmark your post. This is vital if you want the search engines to find your article and index it.

Build up a list of targeted long tail keywords and phrases and write your articles around those. Be sure to tag every blog post that you make for the long tail phrase or keyword, and when you bookmark your post include a short summary with that keyword phrase in it, and also include the tag phrases in the bookmark.

It is only once you start bookmarking your blog posts to the various directories on a regular basis that you will realize the true value of doing this. The amount of visitors that will come to your site from the social directories will increase and you will be ranked higher in the search engines which in the end all translate into more business for you.

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