Many of us get lazy when it comes to building our home based business because the internet today makes it so easy. The one thing that has not changed though is the importance of using networking to build a successful internet based home business.

By incorporating some of these networking ideas into your home business you will find that the results you achieve will improve dramatically over time.

Most internet marketers, who have their own website, will invariably have a blog as well. Unfortunately in most cases these blogs are not utilized to their full capabilities. One of the ways that you can network with your readers is to invite them to leave a comment, and when they do, make it a policy to personally reply to them and thank them via an email.

I do not mean that you should leave a comment on their comments, but to actually take the time to send them a “thank you for taking the time” email. From the point of view of networking, following this one little step can have staggering results.

More often than not the people who will join your home based business or buy a product from you are the ones with whom you have taken the time to build up a personal relationship. As an internet marketer this is not so easy to do as most of us tend to hide behind our websites and email accounts.

Networking involves getting to know people on a more personal level in a way that provides benefits and value to both parties. A small thing like sending an email in response to a blog comment can create a lifelong business relationship.

Another step which is of great importance that a lot of internet marketers seem to miss out on, is taking the time to reply to the emails that they receive. It is just so easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of building an internet based business that the networking part tends to be forgotten.

If someone goes to the trouble of sending you an email asking a question, replying to them should be the most important thing you do that day. This of course does not include those time wasting generic questions that really do not deserve an answer.

Your website should also have a frequently asked questions section where people can get answers to some of the easier questions. But when there is a more involved question you need to take the time to reply to it with honesty and to the best of your ability.

By combining these networking ideas into your internet business plan of action you will probably find that they will pay off in a big way in the future.

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