When you create residual income you will get paid over and over for doing the work only once. Residual income also known as recurring income is a great way to make money once you understand exactly how it works.

An excellent way to build residual income is by using affiliate marketing. People don’t really think of affiliate marketing as a means to create residual income but there are some very good ways that you can use it to do so.

In this article we will discuss four methods that you can apply to build an income for the future and you can do it using affiliate marketing.

1.  You may have heard about two tier affiliate programs. These are programs that pay you for any sales that you make and they also pay you a commission for affiliates that you recruit into the program.

By recruiting a great group of super affiliates you will then earn a commission from every sale that they make and over time you will find that even when you don’t do any work yourself, your business will continue to flourish from the income you receive from your personally recruited affiliates.

2.  Sell programs that contain a monthly membership fee. There are many training programs on the internet today that have recurring billing. By becoming an affiliate and recruiting people below you, you will then earn an income every time anyone of these people is billed. This can over an extended period add up to a substantial amount of money.

Website hosting or auto responders are excellent products to sell as anyone with an internet based business will need these products, as you cannot run an online business without them.

3. There are people who make millions of dollars every year off multiple websites. By developing multiple websites and getting them set up on autopilot, these sites will generate traffic and create commissions from the hard work done by the website owners in previous years.

By building websites in multiple niches and using affiliate marketing you can continue to earn money selling all kinds of products.

4.  Another way is to create your own products such as writing an e-book and selling it through Clickbank. Let affiliates sell it for you and new sales will continue to be made on a monthly basis bringing you a further source of income.

These are four methods where you can put affiliate marketing into play to generate a residual income for yourself. It takes a lot of hard work in the beginning but the rewards you will continue to receive for years to come make the effort well worth while.

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