No matter how carefully you follow your search engine optimization (SEO) methods, without a proper plan in place nothing will work correctly. There are various elements that will possibly make your strategy unique, depending on what your goals are, the type of industry in which you are involved and how strong your competition is. At the same time, you will see that every successful plan will have some similarities to all other good SEO marketing strategies.

1.   It is important to have a comprehensive plan when choosing an SEO marketing strategy. The one mistake that the majority of people make when creating a search engine optimization plan is that they concentrate on one specific area and this leaves the other sections lacking. If you do not have a comprehensive plan, you will quickly realize that you have areas of weakness that will not only affect some sections with regard to your SEO online rankings, but it will affect your whole website.       

The reason for this is that search engine optimization affects your whole website. Many online marketers write articles to build back-links and drive targeted traffic to their websites’ so that they can make money and build a successful online business. The problem with doing this is that it will often cause these secondary properties to outrank your main website for certain keywords. By having a more comprehensive approach, you will be able to make sure that there is a great deal more link juice flowing to your main website.

2.  Use a balanced approach and do not make the mistake of relying on getting top rankings using little more than directory listings or creating back-links through guest books. This method of building back-links to your website was popular over a decade ago, but today these methods are not nearly as effective. Even though they still play a part in an overall marketing strategy, don’t make a mistake and make them your total plan. When you create a balanced approach, you will discover that it is easier to withstand any changes made by the search engine algorithms.

3.  The importance of tracking metrics. When it comes to SEO there are possibly thousands of varied metrics that can be used to determine the general effectiveness of your strategy, as well as smaller and more specific details concerning the power of a particular link or the return of investment of each link that is created. The main problem with so many varied sets of numbers all around, it can be very difficult to work out what is actually working and what isn’t. As an example you may be at the number one ranking for your main keyword, but at the same time you may be doing a lot more work than you really need to. If you spend your time building thousands of back-links of a particular type as well as hundreds of links of another kind, then it is necessary that you know which of these links are actually helping and to what degree.

A good question to ask yourself  is “what if I only need to spend time creating a few hundred links that will achieve the same result?” When you track the right metrics you can be sure that you only use the most effective strategies and not waste time doing more work than you really need to do.

Although your search engine optimization strategy may not be too different from anyone else’s that is being used, it is essential that you think about these three critical elements that can either make or break your online business success both long and short term. You must ensure that you plan a comprehensive, balanced strategy and make tracking the most important metrics mandatory.

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